Acerca del ITESO

Our misión is to form people with a spirit of service.

Not to form the best in the world, but to form the best for the world.

The ITESO is a cristian inspirated university trusted in the companion of Jesus. Conceives itself like a comunity of people in eternal growth, under the inspiration of the jesuita educational tradition and the constant análysis of the reality.
The ITESO is characterized for the academic excelence, a deep concern for the local and global sourroundings, and the compromise of the improvement for the conditions and of the people. Its proyect of integral formation seeks to develop the inteligence and sensibility and to form free Young people for life and make them compromised with society, in an propitious enviroment to learn and grow.
Is also the first university in Jalisco wich has recieved the award as the Institution with and academic excelence, granted for the secretary of public education of México. With an academic staff conformed by profesors and investigators, leaders in their áreas, updated study plans and a infrastructure designed for the student in its multiple dimensions, the ITESO offers a formation for life.

Portal ITESO
Cómo llegar al ITESO

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