Eng. Mitsuhiro Kanada

BA in Architecture with minor in Structural Engineering. Dept. of Architecture University of California at Berkeley, 1994

MSc (Eng). Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering. University of California at Berkeley, 1996

First Class Registered Architect in Japan, 1998

Mitsuhiro has worked in the US, Japan, and the UK. He has successfully delivered many award winning projects. He has received Gengo Matsui Award (now called Japan Structural Design Award) in 2002 for the structural design of Maison Hermes. He is an associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and teaches technology based design courses to architecture students.

Mitsuhiro leads a multi-disciplinary engineering team to deliver holistic design solutions for challenging projects locally and internationally.

Joined Arup, 1996

Years of Experience, 19

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