Hector Soto Rodríguez

Hector Soto Rodriguez is Civil Engineer by the University of “Nicolas de Hidalgo” in Michoacán, graduated with honor in 1979. Possess a postgraduate in structures by “la École Nationale des Travaux Public de L´Etat (ENTPE), Lyon y el Centre des Hautes Etudes du Metal (CHEM), in Paris, France.

  • Worked 3 years in the Compagnie Française d¨Entreprises Métalliques (CFEM), Paris France. He was Technician secretary of the “Mexican Institution of construction in steel, in the Mexican society of structural engineering and in the Mexican society of Seismic engineering in México City, D.F working in various managers groups.
  • Was professor in the Faculty of Engieneering and Division of Continuous Education of the UNAM for 12 years.
  • Particular Secretary of the General Management of Civil Protection of Mexico City where he implemented the revision and evaluation of structures against a seismic contingency in Mexico City.
  • Is Author of 10 books about Steel, various with the collaboration of the Dr. Michael D. Engelhardt who is professor in the University of Texas in Austin. Has published various technical articles about Steel structures in national and international magazines and in congress of structural engineering organized by the Mexican Society of Structural engineering.

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