Polioptro F. Martínez Austria

Doctor in Hidraulic Engineer (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Master in Hidraulic Engineer (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Civil Engineer (National Polytechnic Institute)

Has developed a important part of hes profesional labour researching and teaching. In the field of research, from problems of national interest, has realized and leaded aplicated research, development and transfer of technology. In the field of profesional practice, has leaded the efforts of the National Comsion of Water in matter of managment and cooperation in transboundary basins, in particual with the U,S, shared basins. His principal topic of interest is the managment of the water resources, where he has given contributions in ambiental and the integral managment of water, climate change effects in enviromental hydraulics, urban, transport of pollutants, sanitation of water bodies, effects of the climate change in the hydraulic resourses and integral managment of water.

His academic trajectory consist in many ways like hes work as titular professor in the UNAM, and like invited professor in diverse institutions, like the National Polytechnic Institute and Polytechnic University in Valence, teaching courses, conferences and working in the managment area of audit for posgrade thesis. Has been director of 24 thesis of posgrade and has imparted courses in this matter from 1981 to this day. Has been coordinator of diverse programs of postgrade in hydraulic and water resourses. Has been adviser from the mexican college in the water program, enviroment, and society. Also was General Manager in the Mexican Institute of water technology, as well as member and president of the goberning board of the Autonomous University of Morelos, with wich he has colaborated in the support of research activities.

Vicepresident of the International Hydrologic Program of the UNESCO, in paris, France, from the period of 2010-2013. Actually is titular professor in the University of America in Pueblo.

Author of 154 technical articles published in magazines and memories of national and international congress; author or co-author of 12 books and 20 chapters, and editor of 14 books, on wich are presented original contributions in basic aspects; in development of appropriate technologies in computational hydraulics and informatic sistems in managment of water.

Has received among other distinctions the National Prize “Enzo Levi 2000” for the Research and Teaching in Hydraulics and the Prize “Miguel a. Urquijo” to the best technical article; The award “ANEAS 2012” in innovation of technologies for the subsector of water and sanitation.

Is a member of the National Sistem of Research from 1994, member of the Mexican Academy of Cience, the Engieneering Academy, International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research, also from the International Water Resources Association, of the Amercian Waterworks Association and the Mexican Hydraulics Association from wich one he was once the president.

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